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Photo 17-10-2022, 12 51 39 pm.jpg

'Aurora' Cover for Solstice
Issue 50

Creators Magazine The Secret She Keeps Alex Lv 4.png

'The Secret She Keeps' for Creators Mag

Power 2020.08.271028 1.jpg

'Power Moves' for MOB JOURNAL 

Photo 27-10-20, 10 28 29 pm.png

'Rude Gal' for Scorpio Jin Magazine


'A New Canvas' for iMUTE Magazine

'Aurora' Cover for Solstice Mag Issue 50

Model: Nylow Ajing | IMG models
Photographer: Lucy Alcorn
Makeup: Jessica Yang
Hair: Christine Mai Tran
Stylist: Emma Cotterill

'Rude Gal' for Scorpo

Model: Valerie Wetmore | Chic Management
Photographer: Alex LV
Makeup: Kim K Pham
Hair: Christine Mai Tran
Stylist: Eleni M

Model: Sienna Lang @ Priscilla's Models
Photographer: Alex LV

Hair: Christine Mai Tran

Makeup: Jessica Yang

Model: Cassie Thompson @Chadwick Models

Photographer: Jen Wijaya

Makeup: Elizabeth Clewis  

Hair: Christine Mai Tran

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