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A b o u t  t h e   s t y l i s t  


With a passion for hair since her young ages, Christine captures her creativity through the canvas of hair. Christine is an Australian born and raised artist, based in Sydney, hoping to empower and grow with other industry creatives.


During her training, Christine gained intensive salon experience working at Ultrafade by Rich in Sydney Australia. Today she holds 6 years of in-salon experience. 

Christine has inserted herself into the fashion industry. Christine holds 3 years of on-set experience assisting and learning from the top hairstylists in Australia.  She has assisted on various fashion shows including AAFW '21 Christopher Esber, The Iconic Runway X 2022 and the Carla Zampatti Powerhouse exhibition 2022. 

Her work is seen in RUSSH, Grazia, Issue Mag, cover of Sunday Life magazine, cover of Solstice magazine, Creators, Shuba Mag and Mob Journal.

Christine is also the director of UFSTYLES, a special events and bridal business based at Ultrafade by Rich. Christine and her team of passionate artists are focused on delivering great hair styles and energy to the wedding day!


We’ve all thought about dyeing our strands red at one point in time, but not all of us can pull off the same color. Our skin tone plays a huge role in determining which shade of red hair will work for us.

We reached out to Christine Tran, hairstylist and color specialist at Ultrafade by Rich in Australia, to get an expert opinion on the matter.

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